Live Performances

Performing – Choreographing – Workshops 

Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Burlesque, Physical Theatre, Parkour, Stretching, Barre Fitness 

I have danced since i was 3 years old and have always needed to dance in the same way we need to eat, sleep and exercise. I have never had the desire to stop. Dance is not only key to physical, mental and spiritual health but also to our personal growth and as part of our tribal human nature.

I work as a Dancer, Choreographer, Teacher, Workshop Leader and Hen Party Instructor. There are so many types of dance, that you’ll find one that hooks you. If you are interested in any of the above, get in touch. I cover many disciplines, work with children to adults, in private and group sessions, work across theatre to films. Here are a few examples:

Improvisation, Contact, Contemporary Dance, Burlesque, ChaSamba, 80s, Fame, Beyonce, Bollywood, Street.

Former organisations i have worked for include:

Surrey Arts, The Place, G Live, Open Arts Cafe, London Dance Academy, Danza Hull, Somniate International, Woking Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival

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